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Astrology & Tarot

Astrology & Tarot: Services

Helena is a skilled Astrologer who has been working with clients for many years, having received certification with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education in 1999 (western tropical tradition). She is known for her client-centered and practical-yet-compassionate approach; no question or subject is off-limits. Helena does comprehensive natal and horary chart readings, as well as consultations for a variety of topics including: best timings for action; relationship dynamics; situational analysis and decision-making. 
She also works with practitioners in all fields of the esoteric to design rituals and workings with the support of astrological dynamics and considerations.

With the Tarot, Helena supports her clients in explorations of the psyche, resulting in deeper insights into self, others and situations. Her years of practice and teaching Tarot provide a rich and profound experience for her clients.
(Image by Aisling Arts)

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