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The esoteric is Helena’s life-long passion. She has a particular affinity for alchemical and astrological history and lore, and has been a working Astrologer for over 20 years. She writes, teaches and presents on the themes of existential meaning, Will, death, and agnostic mystery practices and philosophy. Helena's works include: The Serpent Ikons: A Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana (foreword by Gary Lachman); she has contributed to several editions of Anathema Publishing's PILLARS; and she is currently writing her next book, The Alchemy of Astrology.

Helena is also a specialist in conflict resolution; in this field she has a professional Mediation and Restorative practice, is a university professor, and an author of three books and a psychometric instrument on conflict response roles. She brings to her work with clients profound experience with intra and interpersonal dynamics, as well as a deep empathy and compassion for the human condition.

Helena holds a BA in Religious Studies and an MA in Human Systems Intervention. She has certifications in Trauma Counselling and in Mental Health Counselling Skills.

Helena lives and works in her forest sanctuary known as Allhallows in Ontario, Canada, on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabeg traditional territory, in the good company of various fauna and non-material beings.

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