Love Magick


The most powerful Magick is borne of the intention of Love; Love as a verb, not a feeling, and as such, an active principle. The manifestation inferred by this verb is one that contributes, in whatever small or grand way, to the well-being of its object. With this simple definition, we can apply Love to all the relationships we are in: the one with ourself, the ones with human beings, with the animals in our lives, and with the natural world. This type of Love is not commonly discussed in occult circles. May the reader be inspired to change this, and to actively participate in the fight against abuses towards humans, animals, and our planet. Every little bit helps.

While recognizing that acts of love at home and in the community are equally important, Helena supports the following organizations as a visceral part of her magickal practice:

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

Government of Canada Refugee Sponsorship Program

Greenpeace Canada

Lanark Animal Welfare Society

Mediators Beyond Borders International

New Vision Art School - Haiti

Queers and Comrades