Occulture Esoteric Conference 

Berlin, October 2023

Registration details to follow

Magickal Women Salon (London)

Topic: What about the Trauma? Approaches to Healing for the Magickal Practitioner

Date: January 21, 2023, 1900-2030 GMT

Registration: Details to follow

Foolish Fish Review of The Serpent Ikons:

BiblioSophia Interview: Helena van El and Shandi Azk Bouscatier

Occulture Esoteric Conference (Berlin)

Helena is hosting virtual learning events on the following topic: Heretical Witchcraft, the Natal Chart, and the Will of the Witch.

Level 2 Dates: 24 April and 8 May, 2022

Level 1 Dates: 12-13 March, 2022

Registration and details can be found at

Listen to an Occulture audio interview with Helena here: